We monitor the availability of your website
Unexpected website downtime? Thanks to us, you will know about it first. We will monitor your website day and night and will inform you immediately of any problems. No more long-term outages and declines in sales.

What makes us special

Detailed reporting

After logging in, you will see detailed statistics about the site and its availability. Clear, fast, simple.

Quick registration

You can easily register and set up within 3 minutes. All you need is an email and a website URL.

Immediate notification

If an issue occurs, we'll send you a notification right away. You will know about everything in time.

Continuous supervision

We look after the site's availability, certificate validity, loading speed and DNS functionality for you.

What makes us special
Our goal

We help clients not lose money

Are you afraid of a website outage and your potential customers running to the competition? Leave these worries to us. We will monitor all important parameters of your website for you:

Check availability

Availability verification - We check the availability of websites from all over the world (http, SMTP, TCP, SNMP, ICMP (ping)). Whether your visitors are from Europe or America, your site will always be accessible to them without any issues.

Domain expiration date

We are checking your domain and will notify you in advance of an impending expiration.

Certificate validity

We will carefully monitor the functionality and validity of all certificates. Thanks to us, your website will be secure at all times.

DNS translation

We'll check whether DNS is working for your hosting provider and if everything is running as it should.


It only takes 3 minutes

Don't have time? Never mind our registration only takes 3 minutes. We only need to fill in the web link you want to monitor. Then all you have to do is select a package, make a payment and start monitoring.

Enter the url

Enter the url of your website

To paste the link url address you can use the option to copy the link from your web browser. Such a link will then look like this https://www.wemonitor.net



Automaticky bude vystavena faktura, nabízíme také možnost QR platby. Na základě uhrazené faktury bude možné úvodní spustění služby v plném rozsahu. 



Vyberte si služby, které jsou relevantní. Zajímá vás dostupnost webu, nebo chcete spíše upozornění na konec platnosti domény, či HTTPS certifikátu? Nabízíme vše, stačí vybrat.



Nečekaný výpadek webové stránky je minulostí, díky nám o něm budete vědět první. Vyskytne-li se zádrhel, hned vám pošleme upozornění.


For whom is the service suitable

For small to medium-sized e-shops without their own technical support, real estate agencies, entrepreneurs, service providers and everyone else who wants to have their website under control.

For whom is the service suitable
Price list

Choose the right one for you

Small business One or two sites

49,00 EUR /12 months 4,08 EUR /1 month
  • 2 sites
  • Check availability every 5 min
  • Website response speed
  • Domain and Https certificate validity check
  • Dashboard
  • Period report - PDF
  • 1 contact for reporting (e-mail)

Business Medium or small company

119,00 EUR /12 months 9,92 EUR /1 month
  • 10 pages
  • Check availability every 30 seconds
  • Website response speed
  • Domain and Https certificate validity check
  • Dashboard
  • Period report - PDF
  • 2 contacts for reporting (e-mails)

Individual Businesses with individual needs

199,00 EUR /12 months 16,58 EUR /1 month
  • Number of pages as needed
  • Check availability every 10 seconds
  • Website response speed
  • Domain and Https certificate validity check
  • Dashboard Profi
  • Period report - PDF
  • Up to 10 contacts to report (e-mails)

* The supplier is not a VAT payer

Leave web monitoring to us

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